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Family Law and Relationship Breakdown is traumatic and life changing. At Mary Molloy Solicitors we give a personalised service with the emphasis on confidentiality and sound detached advice.

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Nullity
  • Civil Partners, Cohabitees & Non-Marital Relationships
  • Property Settlements
  • Custody and Guardianship
  • Pension Rights
  • Probate/Administration
  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Wills, Inheritances and Succession Disputes and Entitlements
  • Wards of Court

If you would like to discuss any Family Law or related issue with us you can contact us by clicking Contact us or ringing 056 7765829. We will respond quickly and can call back at a time suitable to you without obligation.

Our approach is that the parties should be encouraged and assisted to achieve a constructive settlement of their differences as quickly as is reasonably possible bearing in mind the primacy of the interest of children, if there are any.  There are many advantages legal, emotional and relationship to a non-adversarial resolution of difficulties and, generally speaking, the focus should be on how contentious issues can be resolved rather than emphasising past difficulties.

Ideally, all Family Law matters should be capable of resolution by negotiation.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible and, where proceedings are necessary, we press on with same expeditiously.